Graffiti Abatement Program

The purpose of the Graffiti Abatement Program is to work with concerned neighbors and business-owners to identify, report, and remove graffiti from public spaces.


To report an incident of graffiti call and leave a message on the graffiti hotline at 831-758-7926. Graffiti eradication is performed on a daily basis, 7 days a week by the City’s Environmental and Maintenance Services Department. Annually, approximately 500,000 square feet of graffiti from over 4,000 sites throughout the City is eradicated.

If you see someone placing graffiti, please call the Salinas Police Department at 831- 758-7321.

The City of Salinas is taking action to wipe out graffiti and clean up crime. The Code Enforcement, Environmental and Maintenance Services, and Police Departments are working together to manage a practical Graffiti Abatement Program in Salinas. The City is working to keep neighborhoods clean and attractive through various activities including abatement programs, educational outreach, community involvement and police enforcement.

For assistance, call the Graffiti Hotline 831-758-7926.