East Alisal Street Planter Project

(August 31, 2015) The Salinas United Business Association (SUBA) Board of Directors has voted to launch a project to replant and revive the 48 planters along the SUBA Business Improvement District’s East Alisal Street.  The platers were purchased and installed by the Redevelopment Agency back in the mid 2000’s, and most have since fallen into a state of decay and neglect.  Most are actually more of an eyesore.  This is not what they were envisioned as.

In fact, the SUBA Board believes that the entire community can become engaged in the project to take ownership of the planters and the planters can be a point of beauty and pride for our community.  For the project to succeed, SUBA has begun the outreach process to contact all merchants along East Alisal Street.  Those who have a planter in front of their business, we are asking to adopt the planter and once it is replanted, to help water the plants and maintain it litter-free.

Not surprisingly, each merchant we have contacted to date (about 55%) have all expressed support for the planter project.  So what is the next step?

In the next couple of weeks, we will start the repainting and replanting focusing efforts on the two planters closest to the intersection of East Alisal and North Sanborn Streets.  This will be our first step, but not the last.

We are looking for sponsors (we are exploring the possibility of signage indicating who sponsored each planter) to help cover the costs of ceramic paints, planing materials and drought tolerant plants for the project.  We are also looking for volunteers to help with the project.

If you are interested in being a sponsor or volunteer, please contact the SUBA office at 831-796-0896 or email info@subasalinas.com.  You can also stop by out office at 600 East Market Street, Suite 205.

Thank you!


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